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MyPsychLab succeeds in allowing me to show videos and give interactive computer learning experiences to students that my college budget could not begin to afford in the manner this textbook support system generously deals out to all my learners.
— Dr. Erskine Ausbrooks, Dyersburg State Community College


When my students use MyPsychLab resources in conjunction with their textbook studies, the textbook comes alive! The media assignments clarify any material they may not have fully comprehended by using visual demonstrations and interactive activities. The flash cards save students time, as they are a ready-made resource to perform self-quizzes. It is an awesome program that students enjoy and they finish the course with knowledge they will use throughout their lives! I use the program in class preparation to design homework sheets, tests, class activities, and presentation. Using the instructor’s manual on-line, with the media assignments, and information from the video presentations, adds enthralling material to my class lectures and keeps the students engaged and awake! It’s wonderful!
— Blake Carpenter, Lecturer, University of Texas-Arlington


MyPsychLab provides an arsenal of resources to meet the diverse needs of my large-enrollment introductory psychology courses. The pre-tests, post-tests, and chapter exams aid struggling students by accurately assessing strengths and weaknesses in their knowledge and study habits. For the motivated student, MyPsychLab offers a large selection of simulations, multimedia supplements, and flashcards to bolster their knowledge and make the lecture environment more rewarding. I have nothing but positive things to say about MyPsychLab!
— Richard Hass, University of Delaware


MyPsychLab meets my students were they live: on-line. MyPsychLab includes a series of engaging activities, simulations, and assessments that enhance their understanding of the material from the text and lectures. MyPsychLab allows students to check their grasp of the content and invites them to explore further.
— Gabe Mydland, Dakota State University


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