Faculty Training

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For more detailed information related to all faculty training, mentoring, and support, contact your Pearson Account Manager.

If you have technical questions or need technical support for MyPsychLab, please visit our Support pages.

Over a decade of experience — building the MyLab and Mastering platforms, and working with educators and students — helps us understand the challenges you face when teaching with technology. There are never enough hours in the semester, and you can't afford to waste time learning a program! We are here to assist with each part of your MyLab and Mastering course: from getting started, to training and implementation, to support, and beyond.

Learn how to incorporate MyPsychLab into your course:


Local on-campus training

Schedule an on-campus faculty training with your local technology/product specialist by contacting your Pearson Account Manager. Training sessions are tailored to prepare you and your colleagues to successfully implement MyPsychLab in your courses.

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Peer-to-peer assistance from Faculty Advisors

Communicate with university instructors experienced in teaching with MyPsychLab. Our MyPsychLab Faculty Advisors are available to advise and share their instructional strategies with educators interested in incorporating MyPsychLab into their courses.

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